July 14, 2024

Soybean retreats with a larger crop in the United States; Wheat and corn also fall – Money Times

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Soybeans depreciated 1.75 against the dollar and closed at $ 12.8475 a bushel (Photo: REUTERS / Roberto Zamora)

A Soy Chicago ended the fall on Monday as farmers began to reap the record harvest expected, but data Export Stronger than expected reduced losses.

Oh Corn The harvest came under pressure, while wheat retreated due to global supply concerns.

Soybeans retreated from 1.75 cents Dollar, Close at $ 12.8475 a bushel.

Wheat was down 1.50 cents at $ 6.87 a bushel and corn was down 4.25 cents at $ 5.1325.

Oh USDA On Friday, its forecast for the corn crop increased United States 1.7%, after farmers dedicated more acres for grain.

The U.S. soybean crop outlook also raised expectations of record yields in key production areas with timely rains in August.

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