June 14, 2024

Talitha Moret apologizes for the mistake in ‘É de Casa’: ‘Nothing can be said to justify’ | TV and series

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Talitha Moret apologizes for the mistake in 'É de Casa': 'Nothing can be said to justify' |  TV and series

Presenter Talitha Morett apologized on Tuesday (14) for a mistake made on the show “his home”It is broadcast on Saturday (11).

On this occasion, the presenter asked Donna Celine, the black guest, to serve the other seated participants. Celine is a kacada saleswoman who was summoned by Talitha on the show to reproduce her recipe. The situation sparked a debate about structural racism on social media.

Donna Celine and Talitha Morett – Photo: clone / Instagram

“Before coming here, the first thing I did was talk to Donna Celine and apologize to her. I also need to apologize to all the people, to my fans, for my words,” the anchor said on her Instagram.

“I made a mistake and there is nothing said to justify or diminish that mistake, other than an apology,” he wrote.

“Since Saturday, I’ve been thinking about what happened. I’ve been thinking about where I occupied in this context. As a human being, and as a communicator, I want to turn this episode into learning and commitment to an ongoing vigil against racism. That’s what I can and should do,” he said.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleague Manuel Soares for his sensitivity and care to Ms. Celine. It is so important when we are in a diverse group that you demonstrate how the world can be better when it is inclusive. Thank you very much. Talitha Moret.”

Also in the broadcast of the program, presenter Manuel Soares intervened and began to serve guests. Also speak up in a comment on your show partner’s post.

“Talita, I think the most important thing is that Donna Celine is doing well in the face of all these fallout. Second, you not only understand, you absorb the pressure of the truth, ensuring that it doesn’t happen again, not with you, not close to you. The times that helped me. In which you and my colleagues in the presentation have mapped and underestimated my structural manhood, I am grateful for that, just as there must now be gratitude for those people who often point with acidity in the right direction of racist behavior,” the post read.

“I know that the Internet is sometimes aggressive, I have already been targeted, in these criticisms there are pains for those who transcend you and those who preceded you, I hope that the result of this episode will be educational and constructive not only for you, but for Brazil. You are my friend and we will be together on the screens of life, always striving To our daily development as people and communicators. A kiss in the heart,” he adds.

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