June 14, 2024

Texas and Oklahoma S.E.C. Live news updates as the big 12 powers begin a live conference reshuffle

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Just as college football playoff expansion and name, image and unity rights are not enough to shake up the game, another round of reorganization seems to be on the horizon. Texas and Oklahoma want to announce their decision to leave Big 12 in favor of moving to SEC within the next “24-28 hours”. Sources say CBS Sports’ tennis dot.

Citing “a high school official with knowledge of the situation.” Houston Chronicles Brent Swernman first reported Wednesday SOC Longhorns and will soon be able to announce the inclusion “within two weeks”.

SEC Commissioner Greg Changi, officials from Texas and Oklahoma all declined to comment on the initial reports, but there were no external denials. The smoke is growing exponentially with each passing hour. This was despite the opposition of some determined parties, including Texas A&M (not wanting another Lone Star State team at SEC) and Oklahoma State (not wanting to be alone in the Big 12).

The additions of Texas and Oklahoma will make SEC the first 16-team super conference, while adding the biggest brand power in the league, which is considered the best in college sports. Whether these plans are out now or specifically for SEC, Their exit from the Big 12 seems inevitable. CBS Sports will continue this growing story with live updates below.

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