September 24, 2023

Texas woman arrested for filming spider monkeys feeding at El Paso Zoo

There was a Texas woman Caught in the video feeding spider monkeys Police say he was arrested after boarding an exhibition at the El Paso Zoo.

Los Elizabeth Ray, 26, has been charged with felony criminal mischief at the El Paso County Detention Center, police said. News release.

“The woman who was seen on social media in the video trespassing on the monkey show at the El Paso Zoo has been arrested,” the department wrote.

Online prison records show Ray was released on bail Thursday.

The zoo’s stunt rave was spent on his work at the Lovett Law Firm. The company said Monday it had fired him and called his behavior “irresponsible and irresponsible.”

“We support the El Paso Zoo, our thoughts go to the spider monkeys Libby and Sundays, and we hope they recover from this traumatic experience,” the company said. Report.

A video posted on social media showed Ray sitting on a rock on top of a monkey.

Said Joe Monticano, director of the zoo El Paso Times Ray’s behavior is “stupid” and dangerous.

“These are animals. They are strong; they have fangs in them. They can scratch. We do not come in contact with them every day,” he told the newspaper. “We will not communicate with them without a barrier between us.”

Due to the woman’s behavior, the Monticano Zoo will have to erect more fences around the spider monkey exhibition, which will make it harder for guests to see the animals, he said.