June 14, 2024

The Brazilians are desperately in debt, but the big victory is assured on the way

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The Brazilians are desperately in debt, but the big victory is assured on the way

One extra money It could very well go down for Brazilians this month, right? Currently, there is an amount of R$4 billion forgotten in financial institutions that can, at any time, be released for return.

It is about From the receivable values ​​system, which is a program used to identify the amount that has been forgotten in checking or savings accounts in financial institutions. In addition, amounts inappropriately charged in credit charges are part of the system.

a central bank You mentioned that financial institutions amounted to R$8 billion in forgotten amounts until last year. However, in the first phase of consultations, BC made available R$4 billion to be returned to citizens, leaving another R$4 billion to be recovered.

Where does the forgotten money come from?

Initially, according to information from the central bank, the forgotten money comes from:

  • checking or savings accounts that have been closed (but still have available balance);
  • Amounts improperly charged for tariffs, installments or credit operations;
  • equity stakes and distribution of net surpluses in credit unions; that it
  • Amounts related to closed alliances that have not been withdrawn.

The second stage of receivables

Namely, the second stage of system queries will contain new information. Therefore, those who did not have amounts to receive in the first stage should check the portal again, as a new amount may still be available.

As mentioned earlier, new resource sources will be included in the second phase, namely:

  • fees that were incorrectly charged, and not stipulated in the terms of commitment signed by BC;
  • installments or liabilities related to credit operations that have been charged incorrectly;
  • Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC);
  • prepaid and postpaid accounts that ended up being closed with an available balance;
  • Recording accounts maintained by stock brokerage firms and stock distribution firms to record closed customer operations with an available balance;
  • entities subject to extrajudicial liquidation;
  • Credit Union Guarantee Fund (FGCoop).

In addition, the second phase will have some changes. One of them is that it will not be superfluous to make an appointment. Thus, the citizen will be able to request the withdrawal of money at the time of the first consultation.

How to withdraw forgotten money?

After creating your initial account in the system Amounts due , It is necessary to withdraw amounts, if you have an available amount.

So, see below step by step on how to withdraw receivables:

  • Access to the site Values ​​areceber.bcb.gov.br On the date announced and logged in;
  • Next, make inquiries about the amounts to be received; the institution that must return the amount; forgotten origin of money;
  • Click the ′′Order via Here′′ option to receive via Pix, or the ′′Order via Establishment′′ option to connect and order to the organization of your choice.

When will the second phase be launched?

So far, the system keeps showing the following message:Temporarily suspended for improvementThe second phase of the consultation, which was scheduled to start on May 2, 2022, has been suspended indefinitely due to the BC servers strike. However, the pause ended a few months ago, but the inquiries have not yet been provided by the bank.

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