October 1, 2022
The European Union announces sanctions against banks, state companies, energy and transport sectors in Russia |  Ukraine and Russia

The European Union announces sanctions against banks, state companies, energy and transport sectors in Russia | Ukraine and Russia

In the early hours of Friday, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the set of European Union sanctions against Russia after the start of The war in Ukraine. The measures were presented in five points:

  1. Financial sanctions target 70% of the Russian banking market and strategic state-owned companies, including defense.
  2. Sanctions are in the energy sector, which is a major economic zone that benefits the Russian state in particular. Ursula said the export ban would “damage the oil sector by making it impossible for Russia to modernize its refineries”.
  3. Ban on the sale of aircraft and equipment to Russian airlines.
  4. Limit Russia’s access to critical technologies such as semiconductors and advanced software.
  5. Visa restriction. Russian diplomats, related groups and businessmen will no longer have privileged access to the European Union.

In the statement on the package, the EU called “on Russia to immediately cease its military actions, to withdraw all its forces and military equipment unconditionally from the entire territory of Ukraine, and to respect the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of that country.”

Ursula von de Leyen wrote on Twitter:

“These events mark the beginning of a new era. Putin is trying to subjugate a friendly European country. He is trying by force to redraw the map of Europe. He must fail and he will fail.”

In the text, European leaders noted that Russia is “fully responsible for this act of aggression and for all the destruction and loss of human life that will result from it. It will be held responsible for its actions.”

With sanctions, Ursula von der Leyen said, “we will weaken Russia’s economic base and its capacity for modernization.”

“Moreover, we will freeze Russian assets in the European Union and prevent Russian banks from accessing the European financial market,” he added.

“We need painful sanctions,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said upon his arrival at the meeting venue, using an expression repeated by various sources to AFP, with many variants.

USA President , Joe Bidena sanctions package on Thursday said it would limit dollar transactions for Russian companies.

Joe Biden, US President, during a speech at the White House on Thursday (24) – Photo: Leah Mehlis / Reuters

The Democrat announced that new sanctions would be lifted. A few minutes later, the White House presented a document outlining the expected penalties.

  • The end of the link between the US financial system and the largest financial institution in North America RussiaSberbank, and blocks against VTB Bank, Bank Otkritie, Sovcombank OJSC and Novikombank;
  • restrictions on the assets of thirteen Russian companies;
  • a comprehensive siege of the Russian elites and their families;
  • It also took action against Belarus by imposing sanctions on 24 individuals and entities in the country.

Biden also insisted that his forces would not participate in the fighting in the United States UkraineBut who will defend NATO allies in Eastern Europe?

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Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war. “Now he and his country will bear the consequences,” Biden said.

After being questioned by a journalist, the US president said that “Putin really wants to re-establish the former Soviet Union.”