June 25, 2024

The former Apple worker claims that Apple is aware of his ‘wrong’ writing

Former Apple Employees Claim Company & # 39;  Misconception & # 39;  Characters and hired him anyway

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Former Apple employee Antonio Garcia Martinez has denied the allegations High profile This week and Apple says it is aware of its past writings that denigrate women and people of color Came under fire From the staff this week, before it offered the job.

“Apple knew my writing well before it hired me. My notes about my best-selling book and my true professional personality (rather than literature) were questioned in detail,” he wrote. A Twitter thread Friday. “I didn’t do‘ part ways ’with Apple. Apple fired me in the end, ”

“Apple has released a statement which clearly indicates that there were some negative behaviors during my time at Apple. This is defamatory and deliberately wrong,” Martinez continued. He even tried to “persuade” one of the staff to take the job.

On Wednesday, On the edge Apple employees distributed a petition claiming he was seeking an investigation into his hiring. Martinez’s autobiography is in trouble Chaos monkeys, Which describes his journey from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Petition, you can read in full Here, He cites a number of “explicit racist and sexual views” from his writing, referring to women in the Bay Area as “gentle and vulnerable, cohesive and naive, and generally shitty” despite claims of worldliness.

In another awkward column, the former Facebook product manager writes: “There were a few women on Facebook who were usually attractive. Some of the people there were seldom dressed for work with their femininity on display in the form of dresses and heels.”

Apple employees argued that Martinez’s “misrepresentations” were inconsistent with Apple’s stated values ​​regarding diversity and inclusion. They called on Apple to explain how its recruitment committee had missed or ignored his published comments before appointing him.

A few hours after the edge statement, Apple said Bloomberg It severed ties with Martinez.

“At Apple, we have always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace that is respected and accepted by all,” an Apple spokesman said. “There is no room here for behavior that insults or discriminates against who people are.”

Apple declined to comment on the details of his departure, but did not confirm what job Martinez had with the title, but sources said he was hired as a product engineer on Apple’s advertising platform. Bloomberg. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but will update the blog as soon as they do.

The iPhone maker and other technology companies are also there multiple times Subject to study For them Lack of workplace diversity. Apple’s latest Diversity statistics Show that despite a significant increase in the number of its women, Hispanic, Latin and black workers in recent years, 66% of its staff are men and 47% are white.

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