September 27, 2023

The French far-right loses key regional elections

The far-right candidates, who lost in France’s regional elections on Sunday, dealt a major blow to the party’s aspirations to win control of one region and reduce presidential aspirations for next year’s election.

Associated Press Reports The far-right National Rally Party won only 20 percent of the vote nationally, reflecting the party’s general hatred of the French population.

None of France’s 12 regions changed parties on Sunday, with the main political parties occupying their respective regions. The AP notes that voters and politicians alike appeared to celebrate a joint effort to prevent the far-right party from gaining power.

Right-wing politician Xavier Bertrand not only “stopped” the far-right national rally, but also celebrated that “we pushed it back greatly.”

Fellow right-wing legislator Laurent Wagwis said there was “no place to grow” in his right-wing Auvergne-Rன்n-Alps.

The National Rally, formerly known as the National Front, may have been pushed aside by racist, anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant films that failed to move despite efforts.

Andhra Pradesh notes that the voter turnout was low this year, with only a third of the electorate voting, which may have also damaged the far-right chances of a victory. Polls suggest there is some momentum in the national rally, but the results are no different.

National rally leader Marine Le Pen acknowledged that his party had failed to achieve any victories and said he was looking forward to next year’s presidential election, with Andhra reports saying that the next election will be “more than ever an election for political and political change. “