April 13, 2024
"The Legend of Candyman" tops the US box office

“The Legend of Candyman” tops the US box office

Photo: Advertising / Universal Images / Modern Popcorn

Horror “The Legend of Candyman” opened at No. 1 at the box office in the US and Canada, with $ 22.37 million in 3,569 theaters, exceeding market expectations and being banned as a juvenile for not performing so well for a film – rated “R” by 17+ in the United States.

Directed by Nia Dacosta, who is currently filming a sequel to “Captain Marvel”, the product is a 1992 monotonous horror spiritual sequel released in Brazil under a slightly different title, entitled “The Mystery of Candyman”.

But the international audience did not have the same reaction. Although launched in 51 different countries, its revenue overseas did not exceed 5.2 million, reaching US $ 27.6 million worldwide. With a budget of $ 25 million, it needs to triple its revenue to be considered a profitable film release.

Horror’s success dropped to “Fee Hand – Taking Control” # 2 on its third running weekend. The fictional comedy starring Ryan Reynolds has grossed $ 12.7 million in the last three days, down 31 percent from last week. In total, the Disney / 20th Century Studios product sold $ 78 million in tickets in North America, reaching $ 100 million overseas upon its release in China, manifesting itself as one of the rarest blockbusters of the epidemic. Taken together, the film grossed $ 180 million.

3rd place children’s animation “Badrulha Kanina – O Film” for its second weekend, US $ 6.6 million. Within 10 days of airing, the Nickelodeon animated series adaptation grossed $ 24 million, although it is also available to Paramount + subscribers. The debut in Brazil is scheduled for September 9th.

“Jungle Cruise” reached a major milestone in 4th place, grossing $ 5 million and grossing over $ 100 million at the domestic box office. Globally, the show is valued at $ 187 million a month later.

It ends with North America’s Top 5 “The Man in the Dark 2”, which grossed $ 2.8 million and reached $ 24.5 million at the domestic box office. World trade was $ 35.3 million in three weeks.