February 28, 2024

the motorcyclist was hit by a Google Maps car; The image spreads quickly after the incident of “discovering” the colored tape | technology

Pictures of the hit-and-run went viral on social media – Image: Reproduction/Twitter

An image of an accident between a motorcycle and a car was circulated from Google Maps, which was recording for the Street View feature on social networks. With the impact, the motorcycle ended up on the ground.

The photo was recorded in 2021, and has gone viral now, after a streamer from Spain “discovered” the accident on the N1 road, which is located in the Tambacounda region of Senegal.

to g 1Google confirmed that the car in question was owned by the company and that it had removed the registration from its map service.

Surprise broadcast

Pol Turrents was streaming on Twitch on February 9 when he noticed a motorcyclist hit by a Google vehicle.

He was playing GeoGuessr, which takes participants through Google Maps to determine the exact locations available at the start of each game session.

Image sequences posted to Twitter by other people, from screenshots, show the collision between the vehicles. There is no logo on the car.

On February 13, Turrents once again took to social media to comment on the removal of the content.

“When incidents occur, we work closely with local authorities to ensure appropriate action is taken,” Google said. g 1.

The company did not comment on the health condition of the people involved in the accident, nor other details of the case.

the pictures

Recorded incident during an online game – Image: Reproduce/Twitter

Run over recorded by Google Maps – Image: Clone/Twitter

Crash crashes into his motorcycle – Image: Reproduction/Twitter

About google maps

Google Maps is a full-fledged map visualization service, and it is not the first time that atypical situations have been recorded. Other incidents were also recorded, as happened in Brazil in 2014.

However, the functionality is not automatic and needs to be analyzed by Google. Also, it is only possible to blur in the browser, because the Maps app for Android / iPhone (iOS) does not have this option yet.

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