June 23, 2024

The Reds play the 4th no-hitter of the Miley season against the Indians

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Wade Miley picks up baseball’s second no-hitter in three days – already fourth this season – Cincinnati Reds Friday night won 3-0 Cleveland Indians, Unaffected for the second time in a month.

Miley (4-2) relied on bracing pitches and his 11-plus experience Major League Seasons for throwing Cincinnati’s first no-hitter since Homer Bailey in 2013.

“It feels surreal,” the 34-year-old said.

The left-hander triggered an 83-minute rain delay to start the game, following Seattle ‘s unbeaten Baltimore’s John Fish on Wednesday, turning 2021 into a quick no – run year. .

Slugger Pujol wants to play, cutting through the angels

Joe Muskrov of San Diego kicked off the ’21 No-Hitter Club on April 9 with his first throw in Patrice’s history. Five days later, Chicago White Sox left-arm spinner Carlos Rodan emptied the Indians, missing a perfect game in the ninth inning when he struck out a game.

Arizona’s Madison Bumkarner took a seven – inning no-hitter against Atlanta on April 25, but it was not officially recognized as it did not go for nine innings.

Cincinnati Reds open pitcher Wade Miley delivers the sixth inning of the baseball game against the Cleveland Indians on Friday, May 7, 2021 in Cleveland.  (Associated Press)

Cincinnati Reds open pitcher Wade Miley delivers the sixth inning of the baseball game against the Cleveland Indians on Friday, May 7, 2021 in Cleveland. (Associated Press)

There have been four no-hitters since 1917, an early period in which the fourth was thrown on May 5th and the fifth on May 6th. This is not surprising, as hitters entered on Friday at a record low.233 this season.

For their part, the Indians joined the dubious list as the 16th team not to win twice in the same season. This most recently happened in Seattle in 2019.

Miley walked one and hit eight out of 114 pitches.

“He put up a clinic,” said India manager Terry Francona.

While Miley was emptying the Indians, Cincinnati made three runs in the ninth before Zack Blaszak made it to the Reds for eight innings, which was aided by Emmanuel Klaus’ throw error and a stumble.

The Reds got a pair of singles before Klaus (2-1) fielded an infield taper and threw wide on the second floor, allowing Nick Sensel to score from second. Then, with runners in the corners, Klaus began his quest before stopping, trying to throw in second.

Mike Moustagas, starting with the first injured Joey Votto, made an RBI single 3-0 and gave Millie more mattress – but think about digging into that.

In ninth place, Miley retired pinch-hitter Rene Rivera hit a lazy fly to the right, hitting Caesar Hernandez, then Jordan Lublow, who retired at a ground, took third before he was mobilized by the Reds as he circled around and danced across the grass.

Miles came in 8-4 in eight careers against the Indians who batted as a team.213 as a team only. But Cleveland is as hot as any team, winning five games and winning nine out of 11 topping AL Central.

Miley, who works quickly on a cold, wet night, worked the Indians quickly.

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He went over five innings, not allowing a base player until the sixth, Cleveland’s Amet Rosario reached the second paceman Sensel’s fielding error and then went into second on the error he threw.

Miley allowed a walk in the inning, but regrouped by getting Lublow to the left on a liner.

In the franchise Reyes came very close to getting a win for the Indians, but his hard smashing in the fifth inning was just right at shortstop Kyle Farmer, who had plenty of time to knock it out and slowly put the footed slugger out.

It was the Reds’ 17th no-hitter since 1892.

“I have no words for something like this to happen,” Miley said.

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