April 13, 2024

The Russians tried to hack the National Committee of the Republican Party: NPR

Rona McDonnell, Republican National Committee Chairman
Rona McDonnell, Republican National Committee Chairman

The RNC said in a statement on Tuesday that hackers affiliated with the Russian government had access to a Republican National Committee contractor last week.

RNC said its contractor Synex had been hacked, but had no access to any RNC data.

“We immediately blocked all access to our cloud environment from Synex accounts,” said Richard Walters, RNC’s chief executive. Said. “Our team worked with Microsoft to review our systems. After a thorough investigation, no RNC data was accessed. We will continue to work with Microsoft and federal law enforcement on this matter.”

The FBI is aware of the incident and has no further comment at this time.

The message was original Bloomberg announced.

This violation is the second major cyber attack carried out by a Russian network in the United States in recent days. Russian language ransomware attack Revolver gang It hit at least 200 U.S. companies over the weekend.

President Biden said the attack “caused minimal damage to US businesses, but we are still gathering information.”

Biden did not say whether the United States would retaliate for the attack, but said he expected a meeting Wednesday with officials from the state, justice and homeland security departments and leaders of the intelligence community to discuss US strategy. Resist ransomware attacks.

Biden met with his Russian envoy, Vladimir Putin, in Geneva last month, who later told reporters that he demanded that the Kremlin take control of operations against the United States. 16 important fields Of the U.S. economy, this would trigger an American response if targeted.

“Actually, if they violate these basic rules, we will respond with the Internet,” Biden said at the time.