June 24, 2024

The Sao Paulo player must receive nominations from the US and England teams; The fine is BRL 253 million

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Oh Sa Palo Got some rest in the fight against the eviction zone in Brazilian Championship, After beating Derby 2-0 against Palmeiras in the final round. The win left tricolor Sao Paulo 14th in the table with 41 points, five more than the first team in the z-4.

Team Rogerio Cheney He is already preparing for his next meeting for the tournament and is enjoying a weekend off before getting Athetico-PR next Wednesday (24). As a result the club could eliminate the chances of a good move and come very close to the number of ‘magical’ points that will continue in Serie A, which will be 45 points.

The highlight of Sao Paulo was the return of the ball to the market

Ace Rodrigo Nestor, Is 21 years old, which is one of the big highlights Sa Palo With the season coach Hernan Crespo began to seize opportunities, living up to expectations and positioning himself among the holders.

With Rogerio Cheney One of the highlights of last Wednesday’s (17th) win against Palmeiras is that the player is firmly in the starting line-up. The good performance of that young man has attracted the attention of many clubs abroad and his departure may take place in the next transfer window.

According to journalist George Nicola, The Sa Palo Get a new offer for Rodrigo Nestor from MLS (Major League Soccer) Club. The club, based in So Paulo, has already received a $ 5 million (approximately R $ 28 million) offer, but Casares has not agreed to bargain for a ticket for less than double. The North American panel has already indicated that it will put forward a better proposal for potential hiring.

In addition to the American team, a club from England’s first division is monitoring the player’s condition, and another proposal may appear. The ticket is currently worth 2.5 million euros (R $ 15.85 million) and has been fined 40 million euros (R $ 253 million).

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