February 28, 2024
The statement says the change of configuration in the systems has led to a "global blackout" on Zuckerberg's social networks

The statement says the change of configuration in the systems has led to a “global blackout” on Zuckerberg’s social networks

GONALFS (MG) – Power outage for Mark Zuckerberg’s social networks It was caused by a failure in the internal systems and not by a hacker attack.

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were down for at least six hours throughout Monday afternoon (4). Platforms only The work, still under great instability, began early in the evening.

Facebook said, through a note, that the crash occurred while changing the company’s systems settings. “We want to clarify that, this time, we believe that the cause of the fall was a change in composition,” he said.

The same issue has been cited as the cause of the social network’s collapse in June of this year. At the time, Facebook wasn’t working at least at 2:30 in the morning.

In the meltdown that had global consequences on Monday, Facebook said the problem started during a change in the structure that coordinates traffic between its data centers, creating a ripple effect that blocked connectivity and affected other centers in the company, leading to “outages”. electric”. To WhatsApp and Instagram.

The technicians are deployed to the company’s data center in Santa Clara, California. There, they performed a manual “reset,” which, in IT parlance, means restarting servers, so that the company’s systems are backed up and running.

Zuckerberg’s group also said the issue affected “many tools and systems that we use in our daily operations” and that this would complicate “attempts to quickly diagnose and resolve the problem.”

Facebook confirmed that it cannot be said, at this time, that its users’ data was leaked during the crash. The group’s apps focus on about 2.7 billion subscribers.

The social media group also apologized once again for the inconvenience during the power outage. “To all of the people and businesses that depend on us, we regret the inconvenience caused by the disruption of our platforms,” he said.

According to Nasdaq forecasts, Facebook lost about 5.34% of its market value with the failure, which is equivalent to about 50 billion US dollars.

Instability has led to a drop in messaging apps

messaging services, Which serve as alternatives to WhatsApp, also caused instability on Monday afternoon.

Telegram crashes occasionally and has resulted in complaints from many users, hours after WhatsApp crashes. Reprimands mostly centered on how the app works on a cell phone.

“Yes. The telegram also crashed. What is this Brazil? Technological apocalypse,” one netizen wrote via Twitter.

Another network that presented instability and complaints was Teams. The application so used to exchange messages in businesses was also the height of instability.

The only major social network that remained intact during the blackout was Twitter, which became an oasis of memes against the standpoint of competitors.

Users also criticized the Internet services provided by telephone operators.

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