July 14, 2024

The U.S. press reports that Putin was treated for cancer in April

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The U.S. press reports that Putin was treated for cancer in April
The U.S. press reports that Putin was treated for cancer in April

A Newsweek report also states that the Russian president was the target of an assassination attempt.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatment “Improved” In April 2022, according to the American Press News Week. According to a report released this Thursday (June 2, 2022), this information is contained in a US government report and has been confirmed to the media by 3 people associated with US intelligence.

The press did not release the identities of the 3 officers, but published the following about them:

  • 1 Works with the U.S. Director of National Intelligence (DNI);
  • 1 Works for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA);
  • 1 retired senior officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Authorities say Putin was assassinated in March.

However, 3 people said that the isolation of the Russian leader made it difficult for US intelligence to accurately assess Putin’s health. “We know, there’s an iceberg, but it’s covered in fog.”Said an official working with DNI.

The magazine lists some of the possible signs of Vladimir Putin’s deteriorating health. Read below:

  • 7.Feb.2022 – Putin Meets the President of FranceEmmanuel Macron. “No handshake, no hugs, we just felt it”Announced one of the officers interviewed News Week. However, at that time, the distance was a Macron’s own choiceDue to infection;
  • Apr. 21, 2022 – Putin Appear in public With Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoku. There has been speculation about Putin’s health as he holds the edge of the table with his right hand. The “Russian Insider” Published by Louis Mensch Your profile on TwitterWithout proof that Russian President Parkinson is suffering from the disease and that he holds the desk, his hand cannot be seen trembling;
  • May 9, 2022 – Putin With celebrations Victory Day marks the day the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany in World War II in 1945. Newsweek quoted “Swollen appearance” From the Russian language. Putin’s situation with regard to US intelligence “More serious” Than imagined;
  • May 12, 2022 – Said Ukraine intelligence chief Kyrilo Budanov Sky News That Putin “Not very sick” And talks about plans to oust him from power within the Kremlin.

Sunday (May 29, 2022), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Denied French broadcaster TF1 says Putin is unwell: “I do not think a sensible person can suspect the symptoms of any disease in this man.”.

After the release of the report, The News Week He said he got a message from National Security Council – It is directly connected to the White House. Says “There are no reports of such reports from intelligence or have been sent to the president,” he said [Joe Biden] Not true “.

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