June 28, 2022

The United States launched another investigation into Tesla after the crash

National Road Traffic Safety Administration United States, The NHTSA said it was reviewing a consumer report Tesla The Model Y, a crossover model introduced last year by the electric car company, crashed while using the company’s full self-driving (FST) beta software for automation pilot.

The owner of the Tesla Model Y 2021 complained to the auto safety company on November 3 in Priya. California, The vehicle was in FSD beta mode “when turning left, entered the wrong lane and collided with another car”.

The report states that the Model Y “calls an alarm at the center turn” and the driver tried to take control, but “took control of the car and was pushed into the wrong lane”. The owner further said that the vehicle was severely damaged on the driver’s side.

“NHTSA is aware of the consumer complaint in question and is in contact with the manufacturer for further information,” an NHTSA spokesman told Reuters last Friday (12).

Searched, Tesla did not comment on the case.

Earlier this month, Tesla recalled nearly 12,000 vehicles in the United States because of a communications error that triggered a false collision warning or unexpectedly triggered an emergency emergency brake.

Requested recall after software update for vehicles with FSD beta. Tesla said more than 99.8% of the vehicles recalled on October 29 had installed a software update to fix the problem and no further action was required.

The FSD is an advanced driver assistance system that handles some driving tasks, but the company claims that it does not make vehicles fully autonomous. Features “requires a fully focused driver,” he says.

Last month, the NHTSA raised concerns about how FSD is being used. “Although Tesla’s FST is classified as ‘beta’, it is efficient and used on public roads,” the NHTSA said.

In August, after a dozen crashes involving Tesla models and emergency vehicles, another formal safety investigation into Tesla’s automated pilot system, another driver assistance software system.

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