June 24, 2024

The United States plans to tighten travel rules against Omigrans

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The United States plans to tighten travel rules against Omigrans
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(Bloomberg) – The Biden government plans to tighten travel rules to combat the omigran variant of the corona virus. All air travelers to the United States, regardless of vaccine status, should be checked within one day of departure, according to a person familiar with the matter.

U.S. President Joe Biden plans to announce the rules in a speech Thursday to outline his plan to fight the winter epidemic. Currently, vaccinated passengers must be checked within three days of boarding the flight to the United States. With the change, this interval will be reduced to one day.

The United States last week imposed measures to prevent foreigners from entering eight South African countries over the past 14 days. The government has not said how long the restrictions will last.

Oh Washington Post Earlier it was reported that the government plans to tighten travel restrictions.

A spokesman for United Airlines said the company could not comment on pre-release policies. A spokesman for American Airlines declined to comment.

Biden’s team did not consider increasing the requirements for the type of test required to enter the United States. The government has imposed rules only for the rapid testing of antigens, which may be less effective in detecting cases of omigran variation.

On Tuesday, Rochelle Walenski, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the company was considering measures on how to narrow the check-in window for travelers entering the country and in some cases add the need for isolation.

The CDC, he added at a telecommunications meeting with reporters, is expanding surveillance programs at four major airports to test Kovit for specific international arrivals.

“The CDC is looking at how to make international travel as safe as possible, as we have been doing during the epidemic,” he told a conference call.

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When asked about the deadline for restrictions late on Tuesday, Biden said: “Well, it depends. We will determine the need and situation on a weekly basis. We’ll learn a lot more about the Omigran variant in the coming weeks.

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