March 30, 2023

The Vietnamese came to the United States to capture the Americans

46 years ago it was impossible, unthinkable and impossible for a Vietnamese company to reach the US market, especially the car market.

But since then the world has changed a lot and the Asian nation, the status quo of one of the most iconic and exhausting wars of our era, is now a viable destination and Winfast is its epitome.

Created by someone who has become a billionaire, the brand sells instant noodles and comes to the US market, showing its face at the first auto show after the Kovit-19 epidemic (which is still going on).

Winfast: Vietnamese are coming to the United States to capture the Americans

VinFast draws public and industrial attention in Los Angeles, far from Ukraine, where Pham Nhat Vuong created a food empire that funded a $ 5 billion project for him, with the result that the company initially seemed like nothing else. Footnote.

With models not already available at Opel and the most recent models made at BMW, VinFast does not seem to be a stand-alone brand.

However, Winfast quickly released a portfolio of self-developed electric cars and sparked global interest in a country that could not be compared in vehicle terms with key players in Southeast Asia.

Winfast: Vietnamese are coming to the United States to capture the Americans

Previously led by Opel’s Farm Not Wong, WinFast shows what local government and a section of consumers expect in California. The VF E35 and VF E36 models are attracting the attention of Americans because they will hit the market in 2022.

A distance of 500 km on the E35, an intermediate crossover, the E36 reaches a distance of 679 km carrying seven people. With a global ambition, WinFast sees America as a visual object. Michael Loscheller, CEO of Winfrost Global, said:

“We want to become a global brand. If you want to become a global brand, you have to come to the United States.” However, the company has established itself in the five largest markets in Europe and laid the groundwork for its power invasion. Are you coming to Brazil?

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