February 25, 2024

“Todas as Flores” is included among João Emanuel Carneiro’s Songs – Prisma

If every football team starts with a good goalkeeper, the same thing happens in soap operas, when it comes to their authors.

João Emanuel Carneiro, for his record of services rendered, is long considered among the best, considering such acts as “A Favorita” and “Avenida Brasil”. In one, it had the power to turn the game around, showing a few chapters, switching roles played by Patricia Pilar and Claudia Raya. What everyone imagined the beautiful girl to be, turned out to be the great villain. Like “Avenida Brasil”, it was also a huge success from start to finish.

In “A Regra do Jogo” and “Segundo Sol”, he was not able to repeat the same performance, but now with “Todas as Flores”, available on Globoplay, his status in the list of the best novelists is only confirmed.

And if only her good story were not enough, then in the case of NOW, she was always supported by the very good work of her entire team, including, of course, the direction of Carlos Araujo and the cast with all possible sensitivity ..

In short, Globo was very pleased with their choices to carry out this work.

Work required

In the days when Silvio de Abreu directed Globo dramas, one of his priorities was to make room for new writers.

Regardless of whether it is no longer there, this is a business that Globo should never interrupt.


If, in addition to open TV series, today there is an intention to produce more and more for broadcast, then a strong group of authors will always be needed.

To leave the subject or not give it the best attention would be a big mistake.

Attention, attention!

The record will not show “Power Couple” in 2023. It will give the format a one-year break.

But another reality show that is already closed and will be released in due course will take its place. Measures will be taken around the first days of the new year.

The same training

Also in 2023, the song “Hoje em Dia” by the singer “Record” will retain its same composition with Cesar Filho, Ana Heckmann, Renata Alves and Tassian Pinheiro.

It is the longest-running group on the programme. They have been together since 2015.

Curious to note

Record, Globo and SBT in the presentation of their TV series tried to contact artists with different characteristics to get closer to reality every day.

But the biggest difficulty is when there is a need to find Nessi and the actors and actresses. As for the others, they are very few.

Diversified capabilities

Maria Beltrau, owner of “É de Casa” today, is a professional that Globo’s management wants to tap into another business, possibly starting next year.

In fact, The Saturday Show is as inward as your gateway to unlocking television.

The same

Band programming will continue, in connection with its own productions, in the morning and all afternoon, as it will next year as well.

Press at the beginning of the day, moving on to cooking, sports and Katia Fonseca, until Jose Luiz Datena’s arrival in “Brasil Urgente”.

why is that?

It is important to reconfirm this decision by the band, because there was a certain moment when it was considered to change Catia Fonseca to mornings, and Edu Guedes only to Saturdays.

did not advance. According to the information, because the advertisement was against it.

A matter of time

Marcos Meon will continue with “Caldeirão” on Saturdays at Globo. natural.

What is being considered for the near future is also to be used in making a reality show. There are big supporters in this regard.

right on the tape

The participation of actress Marjorie Girardi in the recordings of the series “As Aventuras de José e Durval”, scheduled for release in 2023, on Globoplay, has been highly praised internally.

She plays Noelí, wife of Xororó and mother of Sandy and Junior, who narrates the path of one of Brazil’s most famous sertaneja duets.

knock knock

• Humberto Carrão replaced Daniel de Oliveira in the series “Betinho” for Globoplay….

• … came to play Henfil, with a full special characterization job…

• … By the way, it should be noted that Julio Andrade plays the protagonist.

• Marcos Ferras, as the owner of the bar, will be a highlight of “Vai na Fé”, around 7pm, on Globo.

• Already registered the entire squad scheduled to cover Paulistão 2023 …

• … What is required is to repeat the good work that was done in this year’s tournament, whether on television or digital.

• Roberta Rodriguez, who has been selected for the main role in the Globoplay series “Veronika”, has not finished her battle with the scale …

• … drastically changed his eating habits and continued to exercise every day …

• … your goal is to lose more than 10 kilos. And it’s very close to that.