June 24, 2024

Topic # 596: Will there be an invasion of Ukraine – Russia? | Subject

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Topic # 596: Will there be an invasion of Ukraine - Russia?  |  Subject

In mid-November, Ukrainian intelligence estimated that 90,000 Russian troops were stationed at the border between the two countries. The United States has suggested that this could be doubled in preparation for an attack starting in January. And they threaten to impose new sanctions on an old enemy. From Russia’s point of view, NATO (US – led coalition) wants to cross the “Red Fort” in an attempt to attract its staff to the very strategy of the former Soviet republics. Renata receives Lo Breit Cuca Chakra to analyze this re-enactment of the Cold War, the subject of a conference call between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. Globo commentator in New York begins to recall that “Ukraine was part of the Russian nationalist consciousness” from the time of the Tsars and that this has not changed since the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. To explain the current tension, he saves. The previous chapter in 2014 concluded that the pro-Western infiltration movement in Ukraine ended with Russia annexing the Crimean peninsula. Kuka says Americans do not want to go around Putin’s, as they did seven years ago. Among other issues to be resolved, Biden hopes to maintain influence and “a certain stability in Europe.” According to Putin, although he has encouraged the establishment of the largest military group in Eastern Europe for decades, it is still too early to decide whether he wants to go all the way.

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