April 13, 2024

Trump stuck to false election claims at the Arizona rally

“This is only the beginning of the scandal,” he insisted, adding that he would resolve the voting grievances, none of which could be proved in court by his panel of lawyers after the election. “We’re not talking about Arizona anymore. We are talking about America. ”

The Republican-controlled Marigopa County government has vehemently opposed a review by a company called Cyber ​​Ninjas, which has backed Trump’s founder’s rigged election.

Trump has repeatedly praised the Arizona Senate’s audit efforts, which he has previously done in press releases since his private presidency in Mar-e-Lago. “You’ve created a movement across the country,” Trump said.

“I hear Texas wants to do a forensic audit,” he said, quoting the state he won bizarrely, with repeated attempts to cast doubt on the long-running referendum in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Earlier speakers, including the Arizona Reps, Andy Pix, Debbie Lesco and Paul Kosher often echoed Trump’s comments about election fraud.

He raised further doubts about the results of the 2022 midterm and 2024 presidential elections, while talking about his own reputation and chances if he decides to run. At one point Trump lied that he could only return to the presidency before the next presidential election.

Arizona Gov. Doug Doozy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, former Vice President Mike Pence and Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanagh have long backed the actions of his former personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who has long blamed the loss.

“Whether captured or not we are becoming a communist district,” he said, targeting the media about Biden and his son Hunter during the election.

In a highly familiar speech, he attacked Pitan on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline running from Russia to Germany via Ukraine. He stressed his administration’s actions against Govt, but did not support vaccinations.

In particular, comments about the former vice president of the former president received a loud voice from his supporters.

“I wish my friend Mike Pence had the extra courage to send the results back to the legislature,” Trump said of Pence attesting to his election defeat.

The boom follows Trump’s exaggeration of Sweden ‘s loss to Sweden at the recent Olympics of the “awake” American women’s soccer team.