July 25, 2024

TV news “Bolsominion”

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TV news "Bolsominion"
TV news "Bolsominion"

Tenorio (Murilo Benicio) made a rather unusual attack against his son Marcelo (Lucas Leto) in wet land. The fraudster accused the boy of being a “communist” for criticizing the way his farm was run. The sinister dialogue made a joke among Globo’s 9 AM audience. “The root of Tenório Bolsominion,” declared Dani Santos, referring to the ludicrous nickname given to supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro.

The tense discussion took place during a dinner between the villain and his children in the Tuesday (21) class. zuleka Allen Burgess said the animal husbandry specialist’s father liked his study. “I would say the same,” said the young man. “But I would be a liar.”

“Are you ashamed of me by any chance?” Bad character asked him. “I’m just saying I’m proud of my unproductive landlord,” Lucas Leto’s character said.

Provoking this comment, the villain shot: “And what are you by any chance? Little communist, to talk like that to your father?”. “It’s called a comune!” said Renato (Gabriel Santana). “You have to do something!”

The dialogue was an excuse for Marcelo to persuade Tenorio to allow him to help in the Pantanal. However, viewers quickly placed the situation in the current context of Brazil, where Bolsonaro and his allies use the term “communist” extensively to attack political opponents.

Vinicius wrote: “Tenorio calls his son a communist,” adding the portrait of the character with the logo “Bolsonaro 17,” referring to the then-candidate’s number in the 2018 elections. Senorio will go in October,” said Lucas.

On the other hand, Flavia went further and made the entire electoral star map of the family: “He [Tenório] are Bolsominion, Zueleica, and Cirista [vota em Ciros Gomes]and Maria Broca, Capo d’Aciolo.”

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