July 25, 2024

Two more Texas Democrats test positive for COVID after fleeing election referendum

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Two more Texas Democrats have tested the positive Corona virus During their trip to Washington D.C., a day after their three colleagues found out they had been infected with the virus.

As stated in it Texas Tribune, The number of COVID-positive Texas state legislators in the nation’s capital is now five. News has come that Vice President Kamala Harris has been dropped for a “regular” visit after meeting with a group of lawmakers last week by the Walter Reed Medical Center.

A group of Democrats fled from Lone Star State to the House of Representatives to deny the Republicans a quorum, indicating the minimum number of legislators needed to carry out legislative business.

Legislators blocked Republicans’ attempt to pass the Electoral Unity Act, which Democrats do not want.

They flew to Washington D.C. and attracted national attention Criticized For pictures showing travel without masks.

In all, more than 50 state lawmakers made the trip, which is said to have come under scrutiny after the first case was confirmed last week.

After meeting with vulnerable Texas Democrats, Harris visits Walter Reed for ‘regular’ doctor appointment days.

The bill in question will strengthen voter identification requirements for postal-ballots, which have been a concern before and after the 2020 election.

It is unclear whether the ban will be successful.

Texas Republican Greg Abbott has said he will continue to call Special sessions Until the Democrats return. Abbott also said Democrats will be arrested when they return to Texas.

The governor of the Republic opposed the idea that the Right to Vote Bill would make it difficult to vote in a tweet on Sunday.

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News is coming in of more positive cases among Democrats as states across the United States are gripped by an increase in epidemics caused by the infectious delta variant.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show an increasing number of confirmed cases across the United States. The most recent seven-day moving average of daily new events is 26,306, which is an increase of 69.3% compared to the previous 7-day moving average (15,541).

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