April 13, 2024

Two workers were killed in an explosion at the Kerr Dam

GRDA officials have confirmed that two workers were trapped in the rubble after an explosion at the Kerr Dam.

GRDA reports that crews recovered the bodies of two men trapped inside the Kerr Dam around 4:30 p.m.

The GRDA has not yet identified the individuals, however, officials say both men are contractors. GRDA officials said no GRDA staff was involved in the incident.

Authorities say a full investigation into the incident is currently underway.

The announcement was made at 6:30 a.m. Friday

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Rescue efforts are underway to rescue two people trapped inside the dam after an explosion at Kerr Dam on Hudson Lake.

According to the GRDA, from the top of the dam, both men are more than 80 feet below.

The GRDA said it had inspected the bed under the dam while 3 contractors were doing routine work just before 6pm on Thursday. While they were working, they said an explosion occurred and two people were trapped. They said one man was able to get out, but two were trapped.

Justin Alberti with GRDA said they were working on a plan to get inside and rescue the men. They could not get the men through the top of the dam because of the explosion for News On 6, but they are working to get them to go the other way. Authorities said they were trying to get through a research ship on the side of the dam.

GRDA has confirmed that there are no structural problems in the dam and they will not release any water.

“As for another eruption or structural problem, we do not feel it exists. We feel that the scene is stable. We do not fully know their conditions, but we feel that the scene is stable,” Alberti said.

They are still working to determine the cause of the explosion.

The contractor who was able to leave after the explosion is being tested at a local hospital.

Rescue teams and rapid water rescue teams from the GRDA and surrounding towns and districts are at the scene.

Skynews 6 is at the scene and a video of the crew working to rescue the men was captured.

This is a growing story. News On 6 has crews along the way.