February 28, 2024
Uber accepts flight information for US service bookings

Uber accepts flight information for US service bookings

Oh Uber Announced new options for using the app at airports, and accepted flight information on Booking tool, Makes it possible to order snacks in restaurants without lines, sending drivers to meet passenger needs based on forecasts and so on.

These services focus on cities in the United States and there is no information yet about availability in Brazil.

Accelerate departure from the airport

In addition to booking a trip 30 days in advance, Uber will adjust the order based on the flight information provided by the customer so that the pilot can access possible delays or improvements. Currently, the initiative is exclusively for Uber Black and Uber Black SUVs and is available at more than 20 companies in the United States.

Example of a booked trip with an informed flightExample of a booked trip with an informed flightSource: Expression / Techmundo

In addition, application specialists can wait up to 60 minutes after the scheduled time.

Tracks usage tables based on number of flightsTracks usage tables based on number of flightsSource: Exposure / Uber

Take it easy

In the new translation “When are you ready” – in the free translation “When you are ready” – customers enter a specific time after landing to ask for a ride. You can set it to 10, 20 minutes or “as soon as possible”.

This is an alternative to making sure you have a car and keep your bags quiet or have a coffee. The application is innovated at 6 US airports Android iOS November.

Avoiding Accumulations

By a system with Mechanical learning, The application predicts passenger demand at 15 airports around the world, sending appropriate specialists to avoid crowds and facilitate departures during epidemics.

Food ready to eat without streaks

In addition to the messages in the ride app, The Uber Eats Now the airport offers restaurant orders where consumers can “jump in line” and get snacks without waiting. This functionality is currently only offered at the Toronto Pearson and will be expanded in the United States in the coming months.