June 1, 2023
Universities in the United States and Canada arrive in Rio in search of students

Universities in the United States and Canada arrive in Rio in search of students

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During the Govt-19 epidemics, in isolation, many young people saw opportunities to study abroad and fulfilled their desires through online courses at foreign institutions. Thus, they were able to live the experience as if they were in a class abroad, which encourages universities to add foreigners when classes return face-to-face.

To cater to this need, in this year’s edition of the University Exhibition, 16 American and Canadian universities are offering free tips for those who wish to come to Rio de Janeiro and pursue undergraduate and graduate studies abroad. In the past years.

But the event, which will take place on May 10 in Recrio in the western region, is not just aimed at those pursuing higher education outside Brazil. Classes that want to make high school, summer study or other transfer options such as enrolling in film, drama and music schools can find all the information they need at the exhibition.

There are many language courses available and this is one of the most preferred in teaching abroad.

There will also be payment facilities such as installments at the event, considering the unfavorable financial conditions for studying abroad.

The first Brazilian city to host the event was Rio de Janeiro. According to Gabriel Frisi, CEO of the Recreo Christian School, which hosts the university exhibition, the event will connect students aspiring to an international degree with American and Canadian institutions.

An exhibition like this helps students to better understand the application process for universities in other countries, to learn about the possibilities of scholarships, and to explore different areas of education offered by institutions.The educator comments that international companies have their own selection process and, in general, candidates can be complicated.

Therefore, it is important to begin research by collecting documents and possibilities for scholarships at American universities. Ultimately, they need to be aware of all their possibilities and look for the most viable way to realize them.”, Concludes Frosey.

Research shows that the demand for study abroad by Brazilians is increasing

As a result, the enrollment of Brazilians in the public application used by 900 US companies has increased by 41%. According to the Open Doors 2021 report, the official census of international education in the United States, about 14,000 Brazilians are currently studying at universities in the United States and Canada. .

The study found that Brazilian students are increasingly looking for better qualifications and are willing to invest in courses outside of Brazil. Their length of stay abroad has also increased: until 2018, most people opted for courses that last 3 to 6 months. In recent months, after the infection has been confirmed, the period has become longer: from 12 to 18 months.

Despite the growth, these companies can still find a good market to explore. The survey also shows that six out of ten Brazilians want to study abroad.

University Exhibition
Venue: Recreio Christian School
Address: Genaro de Carvalho 1418, Neighborhood: Recreio
Date: 05/10
Free admission
School Website: https://recreiochristianschool.com/