February 27, 2024

US bans domestic firms from exporting to Huawei: Newspaper

According to the Financial Times, the move moves toward a wholesale ban on sales of American technology to the Chinese tech giant.

Government Joe Biden Stopped issuing export licenses to exporting US companies Huawei. The decision moves toward a wholesale ban on sales of American technology to the Chinese company. Information in the newspaper Financial Times.

According to the publication, people familiar with the matter within the government said the US Commerce Department has notified some companies that it will no longer grant licenses to any group seeking to export technology from the US. Great technology.

Measurement forms a part US-China trade dispute.

In 2019, the US imposed a series of trade sanctions on Huawei and other Chinese companies. The then President Donald Trump, Signed A move that allowed the country to block the telecommunications networks of other countries.

The White House statement said it would target companies that use its equipment to monitor or disrupt US telecommunications or other infrastructure.

On April 20, 2019, a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) report accused the Chinese government of funding Huawei. This information was published by a British newspaper The Times.

Even Biden SignedIn June 2021, An executive order prohibiting Americans from investing in 59 Chinese companies. They are suspected of having links with China’s military forces.

The list included companies such as China Mobile, China Telecommunications, China Unicom, HiVision and Huawei.