February 27, 2024

US Congressmen call for end of funding to Ortega regime – see

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and Republican Michael McCaul for us, Increased pressure against the President’s rule Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, this Friday, the 17th, sends a letter to the leaders of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. The document asks countries to stop funding the Nicaraguan government from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE).

Both members of the U.S. Congress called for increased scrutiny and transparency on the funds Central American leaders provide to Managua in the form of loans and financing.

Senator Robert Menendez asks the Central Bank for Economic Co-operation to stop funding Nicaragua (Bloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images)

“We urge your country to take advantage of its leadership as a founding member of the BCIE to ensure that the Bank’s loans do not perpetuate the Nicaraguan dictatorship,” the letter, signed by Menendez and McCall, reads.

Pope Francis has described Nicaragua’s current government as a ‘total dictatorship’.

In the letter, the two legislators recalled that the Ortega regime had been accused by the UN of committing crimes against humanity in its brutal suppression of protests that erupted in 2018 against social security reforms enacted by Ortega. Journalists, intellectuals and activists.

In addition, the government also revoked the nationality of more than 300 people, including writers Sergio Ramírez, Giogonda Belli, and journalists Carlos Fernando Chamorro and Sofia Montenegro.

Menéndez and McCaul also wrote in their letter that the BCIE had become a major financier of the Managua regime, receiving more than three billion dollars.

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“The funding provides a lifeline to the Ortega regime at a time of growing global condemnation of human rights abuses in Nicaragua,” the lawmakers say.

The lawmakers’ request comes a day after a debate organized by the Inter-American Dialogue, a research center that analyzes international relations in the Western Hemisphere, held in Washington. Dante Mosi, President of CABEI attended the event.

At the meeting, Mossi said the company he runs has left “politics aside” while releasing money for the Ortega regime. The multilateral bank president’s statements created a wave of criticism.