June 14, 2024

US Govt-19 Vaccine Live Updates: CDC Possible Heart Problems, Vaccine Lottery …

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More than 10% of the Korean population receives the first vaccine

As of Saturday midnight, About 10.5 percent of Korea’s population, or 5,399,015, received a single dose of the Govit-19 vaccine.

3,268,001 were vaccinated with Astrogenega, and 2,131,014 received Pfizer.

As of Saturday, 4.2 percent or 2,143,293 people, Fully vaccinated.

According to the Covit-19 vaccination task force, 163,457 people received their first shots on Saturday.

The country registered single-day vaccinations with 657,192 on Thursday, starting with first-day vaccinations for 65- to 74-year-olds. On the second day, 542,227 people received shots on Friday.

The number of vaccines dropped to 171,989 on Saturday, due to the closure of medical institutions over the weekend or shorter operating hours.

The government plans to vaccinate 13 million by the end of June and 36 million by the end of September. The herd can reach immunity after November.

Korea’s daily new corona virus cases fell for the first time in 20 days in the 400s on Sunday, although fewer tests are conducted over the weekend.

There are 480 new Govt-19 cases reported in the countryThe KTCA estimates that the total number of cases, including 464 local infections, will increase to 139,910.

There were six additional viral deaths, raising the death toll to 1,957.

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