November 28, 2022
US police use genetic material to solve 1980s murders |  the world

US police use genetic material to solve 1980s murders | the world

Two murders in the US state of California in the 1980s were recently solved with the help of genetic analysis technology.

In May 1986, 23-year-old Shannon Rose Lloyd was sexually assaulted and strangled to death in her bedroom in Garden Grove.

In 1989, 27-year-old Renne Cuevas was killed and his body was found on a road near a naval base.

At that time, the police could not find out who was involved in the crime. In 2003, the region’s police laboratory began to suspect that the two murders were committed by the same person.

In 2021, the Police Genomics Investigation Team, Reuben J. identified the suspect as Smith. In 1998, he was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman and attempting to kill another woman in Las Vegas.

On that occasion, he was arrested and forced to provide genetic material.

In the 1980s, he lived in the same neighborhood as Shannon and Renne. Genetic material found at two crime scenes matched Reuben’s heritage.

The suspect died in 1999, a year after his arrest. He is 39 years old.

“Advances in DNA science and the work of the Genetic Investigation Unit were instrumental in solving the second homicide filed in the last 12 months,” said Garden Grove Police Chief Tom Dare.

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He said that in future other old cases should be resolved in the same way.

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