February 27, 2024
US says Ukraine has acquired warplanes to fight the Russians - News

US says Ukraine has acquired warplanes to fight the Russians – News

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday that Ukraine had acquired warplanes and spare parts to improve its air traffic, without specifying how many, what types of aircraft and where they came from.

“They have more fighter jets at their disposal today than there were two weeks ago,” a spokesman told reporters. “I will say it without going into the details of what other countries have sent [os ucranianos] They received additional aircraft and spare parts to augment their fleet, ”he added.

Kirby did not describe the type of aircraft provided to the Ukrainian military, which has been asking for fighter jets for weeks, but pointed out that they were Russian-made.

A Pentagon spokesman explained that the United States, which did not want to be a militant in the war, did not send aircraft except to facilitate the shipment of spare parts to Ukraine.

Kiev asked Western allies for MiG-29 fighter jets that its soldiers could fly and owned a few Eastern European countries.

In early March, possible Transfer of these Russian planes from PolandBut the United States opposed the move, fearing that Russia might consider direct involvement in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).