February 27, 2024
EUA entrega a El Salvador documentos com sigilo suspenso sobre massacre de El Mozote

US suspends El Salvador documents on El Mozad assassination

US suspends El Salvador documents on El Mozad assassination

Monument to Peace and Reconciliation in Memorial to the Victims of the El Mosad Massacre in Northeast El Salvador on November 29, 2021 – AFP

The United States, which played a financial role in the civil war in El Salvador (1980-1992), has announced that it has handed over the Salvadorian judicial documents with a suspended secrecy over the El Mozad massacre committed by the local military 40 years ago. In the context of conflict.

“Yesterday (Friday) we submitted confidential documents that were withheld from the US government, requested by the court responsible for the trial, and we will present more in the future,” said Brendan O’Brien, head of the US embassy in El Salvador, in Spanish.

The announcement was made in the presence of 300 relatives of the victims who attended the 40th anniversary commemoration of the massacre in the central square of El Mosot, 200 km northeast of San Salvador.

Files have been filed in a court in San Francisco Codora facing the murder of 17 soldiers.

O’Brien noted that his country recognizes that “the search for truth and justice continues, so it will continue to support the families of survivors and victims.”

Further, the embassy official explained that the US government had recently assisted in “digitizing” the legal records related to the trial of this case.

“We gather to remember how this horror happened and why, and to make sure this story is not forgotten,” he shouted, to the applause of those present.

Between December 9 and 13, 1981, several Salvadorian military units, led by a US-trained anti-Atlacottal rebel force, launched what became known as “Operation Rescue” against the population of the Northeastern Department (state) of Morason.

The El Salvador government established in 2017 that at least 988 people, including 558 children, had been killed in and around El Mosud.

A further 712 survivors of the attack fled the area. The conflict in El Salvador has left more than 75,000 dead, at least 7,000 missing and thousands displaced.

The assassination was rejected by the then civil-military government, led by the late Christian Democrat Jose Napoleon Duarte, and Ronald Reagan’s US administration sent $ 1 million a day to Central America to fund the war.

“El Mosோde was one of the darkest chapters in El Salvador’s history 40 years ago. More than 1,000 victims, more than half of them children, were killed in three days. It was a truly heartbreaking tragedy,” O’Brien said.

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