February 28, 2024
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USA: A man who tried to ward off snake harassment has set fire to his home

On November 23 this year, the owner of a 900m house in Maryland, USA, burned down his house while trying to get rid of snakes. Information CNN.

Montgomery County Fire Department spokesman Pete Bringer told the Portal that the man had set fire to a coal reserve on the top floor of the house to chase away the animals. However, the material was in close proximity to other combustible materials.

Thus, the fire quickly spread throughout the apartment.

Piringer said the family left a few hours ago so no one was injured. Neighbors who saw the smoke reported it to the fire department.

A few hours later firefighters put out the fire. The fire was considered an accident because there was no evidence that the homeowner intended to set the fire.

“Animal services are available, they can come and make recommendations, or pest control or exterminator. It is recommended to look for specialists to deal with any pest control problem,” concluded Pete Byringer.

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