July 14, 2024

USEND enters Inter-America by acquiring Digital Bank

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USEND enters Inter-America by acquiring Digital Bank
USEND enters Inter-America by acquiring Digital Bank

Oh Bango Inter Announced the acquisition of USEND, a company specializing in providing financial and non-financial services to the US market. As a result of this initiative, the bank is beginning to compete with SIM and Sofi in the digital banking sector, subject to regulatory approvals.

With more than 13 million customers in Brazil, Inter is now firmly established as the first Brazilian company in the segment. United States“, CEO Jono Witter Menin said.

USEND is a financial institution licensed in more than 40 US states and has a competitive digital solution for payment between countries with more than 150,000 customers.

USEND also operates in the debit card, gift cards, and cell phone recharge market and must launch its investment and insurance base in addition to the credit card by the end of the year.

Inter hopes to combine knowledge of digital banking with the solutions of the newly acquired company. In addition to providing financial and non-financial products, it is also the world’s largest investment in online marketing, customer base development and accelerating shareholding within the US market.

“Inter has the advantage of having a solid architecture and customer base, and maintains itself as a whole. Digital banking In the United States, it offers cheap, fair and efficient products and services, ā€¯Menin added.

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