February 27, 2024

Venezuela rejects criticism after disqualifying opposition and suggests “corrections” to US electoral system

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro visited Brasilia at the end of May| Photo: EFE/Andre Borges

Venezuela’s dictatorship this Saturday (1st) rejected criticism from the United States after Nicolas Maduro’s rule disqualified former vice chancellor María Corina Machado for 15 years as one of the opposition primaries for Venezuela’s 2024 presidential election. South American country.

In a memo, Venezuela’s foreign ministry suggested Americans make “corrections” to their electoral processes.

“Strong participatory democracy and Venezuela’s protagonist does not accept or accept the education of other countries, much less indirect democratic systems and strict restrictions on participation, imposed by economic interests and deeply institutionalized racism, which registers a loss every year. The democratic rights of a large part of Afro-descendants using,” the Venezuelan statement said.

“Before trying to make value judgments about the legality of democratic institutions in other countries, the United States should apply timely and reasonable reforms to its electoral system,” the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry added.

On Friday (30), the US State Department released a memo in which it pointed out that Maria Corina Machado’s ineligibility “deprives the Venezuelan people of their fundamental political rights.”

“The Venezuelan people deserve to elect a candidate to participate in the 2024 presidential election without interference,” the statement said, in which the US government expressed concern over changes to Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE).

“A strong and independent CNE is essential to free, fair and competitive elections. Ensuring that all Venezuelan voices are represented in the CNE increases its credibility and increases voter confidence,” the State Department highlighted.

On Friday, Venezuela’s Vice President Jose Brito released a document from Venezuela’s Comptroller General confirming that María Corina Machado has been banned from running for elected office for 15 years.

The Chavista dictatorship said Machado’s ineligibility was determined after an asset investigation that pointed to actions against Venezuela’s “public ethics, administrative discipline, rule of law, peace and sovereignty.”

On Twitter, the former vice chancellor denied the allegations and said he intends to continue running in Venezuela’s opposition primary elections in October.

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