February 26, 2024

VIDEO – Bolsonaro incorporates the meme and shouts to the sound of country music: “Tired and humiliated”

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In a live broadcast on social media directly from the United States, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) repeated a photo taken by Bráulio Bessa that went viral on the networks when it showed a man with a cigarette in his hand and a bottle of cachaça. A table cries to the sound of a country duo.

In the live broadcast, which has flooded Bolsonaro sets, Bolsonaro weeps when he hears Sertanejo singer Rick – from his duet with Renner – sing “Don’t Lose Your Faith,” which talks about the hardships of a “lost” man. Fighter “and from the instigator:” Do not lose faith.

“Know that it is disappointments that make us grow / God knows your heart / Your crying becomes prayer / So do not lose faith / Be quiet and control yourself,” says one verse that follows another.

Bolsonaro cries: “I know you’re tired / You feel offended / But don’t lose faith.” The ex-president even released an excerpt from the barbecue, in which the former president of Caixa, Pedro Guimarães – also present – was removed on charges of sexual harassment – but without showing tears.

The scene is very similar to the meme that has spread on the networks and has been explained by the author of the image, Braulio Pesa.

“More than a meme. The duo Roberto Alves and Ze Nelson Ferreira sang ‘Conversando com Deus’ while Ze cried with emotion. I found the scene so poetic that I recorded it and posted it on Instagram and the rest you already know!” Braulio wrote in a thread in April 2020.

Watch Bolsonaro’s video: