June 18, 2024

Video: Live on TV in Italy, the Brazilian is being compared to a primate by the famous singer

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Video: Live on TV in Italy, the Brazilian is being compared to a primate by the famous singer

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Italian-Brazilian model Amaral Ercole has been compared to “primates” on a program on RAI, Italy’s main public broadcaster. a racist phrase Presented by singer and actor Claudio Lippi, who participated in the attraction “Da noi .. A ruota Libera” last Sunday (19).

While talking to the presenter, Lippi pointed at Amaral Ercole and asked if the young man was Italian, gesticulating about the Brazilian’s Italian hair.

“Uh, he’s half-Brazilian. That’s why. Let’s say, he’s always on the human side, meaning he’s human. He’s not a primate,” said Libby.

letter Asista It revolutionized social networks and spread very quickly, causing great controversy in Italy. Watch the video (in Italian):

“I didn’t take it personally.”

Ercole tried to minimize the impact of the case. In a statement to the Italian press, the Brazilian said that he spoke with the singer at a later time. “However, I can say that I didn’t take it personally, didn’t feel offended, and at the end of the broadcast, he did come clean with me,” he said.

Amaral is a model, rapper, and actor. He made a cameo in the film “House of Gucci” He gained notoriety in the hip-hop community in Azzano, a small town in rural Italy.

The singer who made the racist speech is going through a downward phase of his career and, recently, in an interview with La Reppublica complains about the Italian broadcasters. the reason? Lippi is no longer assigned to talk shows. I wonder why?

According to Ercole’s statement, RAI is considering opening up a live space in its programming to allow rappers to speak on the subject. Former parliamentarians and representatives have rejected the racist rhetoric of Claudio Lippi, who has publicly apologized for the case.

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