June 18, 2024

Vila Isabel, Imperatriz and Viradouro Highlights of Day 2 of the Carnival in Rio Special Group | Carnival 2023 in Rio de Janeiro

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Vila Isabel, Imperatriz and Viradouro Highlights of Day 2 of the Carnival in Rio Special Group |  Carnival 2023 in Rio de Janeiro

The third school entering Avenida, Villa Isabel dealt with ways of celebrating faith in its scheme. On the other hand, the Empress was inspired by cordial literature to celebrate the story of Lampiao. Ferraduro, The Last School of the Night, featured the story of Rosa Maria Egypcha.

During the rallies, Portela, who celebrated the school’s centennial in its scheme, had problems with two cars. Members were unable to keep them on the Avenida line, which resulted in holes between the flanks.

5 Moments when schools were impressed with Sapucaí’s new lighting

The parades, which will determine the winning federation this year, will be checked on Wednesday (22), at Praça da Apoteose, in the Sambódromo. The top six finishers will drop to Sabukai in the 25th Saturday of Champions. The last placed team is relegated to Serie A Oro.

Read more about the shows and watch excerpts below.

Celebrities went to the Sambódromo to watch the parade of the last six schools of the Carioca Carnival.

Toyoti Paradise

Paraíso do Tuiuti told the story of the “black-faced mogangueiros”, which shows the journey of a buffalo from India to the island of Marajó in Para. The school took to Sapucaí showing not only buffalo figures. Jaguars, fish, monkeys, turtles, peacocks, tigers and many other animals are depicted in costumes and figurines. Read more about the Paraiso de Toyoti parade.


To celebrate its centenary, Portela has retold its history. It was a memorial show of outstanding personalities and heroes’ plots with Paulinho da Viola and Zika Bagudinho in attendance. But there was tension: The third and final car left holes in the street. It was difficult for the members to get these cars straight and they were leaning sideways on the track. Read more about the Portella Parade.

Villa Isabel

Villa Isabel showed ways to celebrate faith. The plot by carnival designer Paulo Barros brought surprises, such as floating components, and the “futuristic” São Jorge, a car that drives down the street and changes the clothes of the flag bearer. The Queen of Drums, Sabrina Sato, wore an outfit inspired by the São João festivities. Read more about the Villa Isabel procession.

Empress Leopoldina

Imperatriz Leopoldinense was inspired by Cordell’s literature to celebrate the story of Lampiao, King of Kangasso, and Northeastern culture in general. In the final allegory, the highlight is Expedita Ferreira da Silva, daughter of Canjacero and Maria Boneta. At the age of 90, I have already participated in the Mancha Verde Parade, in São Paulo, on Sunday (19). Read more about the Imperatriz Leopoldinense parade.


Beija-Flor from Nilópolis was the penultimate school to enter Sapucaí on this last day of performances. The plot chosen was “Brava Gent, the cry of the excluded on the bicentenary of independence”, which mentions July 2, 1823, when Brazil’s independence was achieved in Bahia. The school had trouble still concentrating, when part of the wing car caught fire. The singer, Ludmila, accompanied Neguinho da Beija-Flor on the microphones. Read more about the Beija-Flor procession in Nilopolis.


The school closed the group’s special performances in Rio with the goal of righting an injustice. The Sixth School in Parade took a parade to Sabucay to remember Rosa Maria Ijipcha, the first black woman to write a book in Brazil and forgotten by history. Read more about the Ferradoro fashion show.

Rio 2023 Special Group (Day 2)

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