June 24, 2024

Virgin Galactic sends Richard Branson to the edge of space: Watch Livestream

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Unity 21 VSS Unity to the edge of space during the mission.

Virgin Galactic

Update: Richard Branson successfully launched into space. Read about it here.

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Richard Branson launches Virgin Galactic spacecraft …


Richard Branson, 70-year-old millionaire Space Travel Company Virgin Galactic, Making headlines is nothing new – once drove a tank down Fifth Avenue to advertise the new cola. His latest and most serious endeavor is to go into space on a rocket from a company called VSS Unity.

Sunday, Launched in the Branson Layout Zone (And slightly beyond) on the edge of his spaceship. Got to stream through this work called Unity 22 CNET features a YouTube channel. You can now find the reprint below.

When space guru and CNET science writer Eric McVirgin’s spaceport landed on the United States, Captured events until the historic moment. You can also reap the benefits behind the scenes by following the burn on Twitter and Instagram Ric EricMake.

Don’t forget – Branson is not the only billionaire going into space this month. Former Amazon President Honcho Jeff Bezos will launch the first crew of the Blue Origin rocket into space on July 20.

Update July 10: The reference to the Mojave Desert was deleted because it is invalid. Forgive my horrible geography.

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