June 14, 2024

Volkswagen ID4 electric SUV launches pre-production in the US

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Volkswagen ID4 electric SUV launches pre-production in the US

According to a recent LinkedIn post shared by the Electric website, the first unit of the electric SUV Volkswagen ID.4 He left the assembly line at the factory of the German brand United States Chattanooga, Tennessee. The information comes directly from Scott Kyok, president and CEO of the Volkswagen Group of America.

Volkswagen is clearly approaching the official production of its new electric SUV in the country, which will ultimately increase the availability of the ID4. As more and more people consider buying an electric vehicle, it is important for manufacturers to have their models available immediately. This is especially true because the shortage of global chips is a hindrance to automakers, and cars in the used market are becoming more expensive than usual.

Volkswagen ID4 production

Yesterday, Kyok shared some pictures on LinkedIn and wrote that he was on site to see the completion of the first ID4 pre-production unit.

Scott Kiok shared on LinkedIn:

“There are times when you stop and take everything.

That moment definitely came during my last visit to the Volkswagen Chattanooga assembly plant in Chattanooga. When I went around looking at the expansion of the electric vehicle in the factory, I enjoyed looking at the pre-production version of the VW ID 4 that was released with Thomas Du Plessis.

He explained that an initial pre-production model was needed for VW “Check the construction process, components and procedures before the full assembly is scheduled to begin next year.”

Kyok points out that Volkswagen has invested about $ 800 million in assembly lines for electric vehicles in the United States. The company is committed to providing “high tech jobs” to keep the factory up to date.

Finally, Kiok drew a picture of his words. As the ID4 Glacier White Metallic Assembly came to an end, people applauded and explained that “you can feel the pride of all the great staff involved.”

When it is in full swing, Sattanuka will be partnering with Svikov (Germany) to produce an electric SUV for the Old Continent, and two Chinese factories in Anting and Fusion: the first will be shared with SAIC, the second with FAW. These manufacturers are the ones who created the Volkswagen joint ventures in China and, strangely enough, bring to life two slightly different versions of the ID. The car, among other things, won the 2021 World Car title.

Specifications: VW ID .4

  • Maximum power: 110 kW (150 cv) to 140 kW (190 cv)
  • Maximum torque: 31.6 kgfm
  • Autonomy: 330 km to 500 km
  • Battery capacity: 45 kWh to 77 kWh
  • DC Charging Power: 50 to 125 kW
  • AC charging power: 7.2 to 11 kW
  • Price: From about 35,000 euros

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