February 27, 2024

Wages in the US and what else is in the papers this Friday (7) – Money Times

Start the day well-informed by reading the headlines in the newspapers. (Image: Freekpik)

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Lula and Bolsonaro
The candidates received five invitations to televised debates, but still agreed to participate. (Image: Bloomberg)

Difference between Bolsonaro and Lula narrows in Genial/Quest poll – Published this Thursday (6), a Genial/Quest voting intention poll shows the narrowest difference between Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Lula (PD) in the second round of polls. Money Times

Lula says he will not appoint ministers before being elected Economic value

Northeast voters face criminal attacks after voting en masse for Lula Folha D S. Paulo

If elected, Darcio says there will be ‘no wooden horse’ in Sao Paulo’s government. State of Sao Paulo


Contributors choose Simple nationality Started issuing rectification notices for refund of unnecessary tax. (Photo: Agência Brasil/Marcelo Camargo)

Central Revenue Investigates R$ 44 Billion Fraud Using Simples National – Central Revenue, Central Police and the Central Public Ministry have taken action to investigate “consultancy” services for small and medium enterprises, opting for a different tax regime called Simples National, specifically aimed at tax evasion, PIS and boxes. Money Times

iPhone 14 pre-sale starts this Friday (7) in Brazil Folha D S. Paulo

Malan, Arida, Bacha and Arminio back Lula, breaking historic rivalry with PT State of Sao Paulo

Bank concentration has declined for the 5th year in a row Economic value


Figaro emerges as another way for individual investors to expose themselves to Brazilian agribusiness. (Image: Exposure)

Fiagros completes a year of raising R$ 6.2 billion in equity – Of the total mentioned, the Fiagro system of real estate funds has the highest net worth (R$ 5.1 billion), number of shareholders (84 thousand) and number of 26 funds among other alternatives in the market (FIDC and FIP). Money Times

Gafisa returns to single command after three years without a CEO State of Sao Paulo

Copel buys EDP’s wind farms for BRL 1.8 billion Economic value

Caixa offers up to 90% discount on loans; See how to trade Folha D S. Paulo


Jobs USA job vacancies
Global markets are closely watching the situation in the US labor market, with wages released throughout the day. (Image: Reuters/Marco Bello)

Global markets run sideways this Friday (7), ahead of wages in the US – Global markets ran sideways this Friday (7), with investors wary of taking large positions ahead of the release of US labor market data and wages for September. Money Times

The Twitter-Musk judge adjourned the hearing as deal talks stalled The Wall Street Journal

Google’s decision to invest $690 million in Japan: CEO begs Nikki Asia

Finance Blockchain Suffers $100mn Hack Financial Times

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