July 22, 2024

What is changing for workers?

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What is changing for workers?
What is changing for workers?
The end of the public health emergency should happen this weekend

The end of the public health emergency should happen this weekend

  • Quiroga announced that the end of the public health emergency should happen this weekend.

  • Motorcycle couriers, pregnant workers and others will be directly affected;

  • Companies should formalize the option to work remotely.

The end of the public health emergency Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga announcedAs a result, more than 170 orders are no longer in effect, ranging from import-related regulations to employment issues. With that said, it’s good to be aware of what must change in relationships and in the workplace after the end of the emergency, scheduled for this weekend by Queiroga.

Remote or hybrid work

The option to work remotely or in a hybrid format was never affected by the state of emergency legislation, but rather by a decision by the company. However, it was adopted by most workers during the pandemic, to the delight of a whole group of employees, who preferred to continue with the style.

The difference now is that there is no longer any reason for companies to work on these models by default, so all hybrid or remote work contracts should be clear about this method.

use masks

The use of masks was already optional as of Ministerial Decree No. 17 of March 22. However, it will still be up to the business owner to decide whether or not this is mandatory within the company’s enclosed spaces.

pregnant workers

It was decided to deport pregnant workers by virtue of a decree related to the state of health emergency. As the end approaches, all pregnant workers, whether vaccinated or not, must return to the workplace if this is the company’s desire.

Flu or cold symptoms

The worker must now provide a medical certificate proving the need to stay away from work, i.e. flu or cold symptoms no longer warrant leave until a COVID test is taken.

Motorcycle delivery men

Law 14297, which guarantees delivery workers insurance and financial assistance in case of absenteeism, should also lose its validity, because it was created in the course of work only during a public health emergency.

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