February 27, 2024
What is this magic?  Video showing horses floating on water

What is this magic? Video showing horses floating on water

a Walking on the water effect It refers to some biblical passages and also to fairy tales or urban legends, doesn’t it? However, a recent outing in the United States of America (USA) has left many people impressed. A pair of horses appeared flying over the waters of a river, and all this was documented in a video clip circulated on social media.

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Horses gliding across the river as if under the influence of magic? Video surprises

The pictures were taken in the Salt River, located in the Tonto National Forest, in the US state of Arizona. Kelly Rogers, 58, was a standing rower who was lucky enough to catch the murky situation. After all, were the horses floating or were they in a sinking canoe?

It can be seen that the woman is speechless when crossed with animals in this completely out of the ordinary position. This is what was reported by the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, which classified the incident as a real “madness”.

Image caption: Understanding optical illusion

If you are really trying to find a sinking boat or a reasonable explanation for what happened, know that the reason is much simpler than it seems. What happens in the video is nothing more than an optical illusion effect.

The horses actually stand in a less deep part of the river, near the bank. Kelly is the one who moves and the angle of the shots makes it look like the horses are floating in front of her.

“It was a moment where they were still completely in a few inches of water,” Kelly told the newspaper. When they didn’t move.

The truth is that the photo has been circulating on social media and many people are not yet aware of the placebo effect that takes place in it. That is, some Internet users are still looking for logical explanations for the event.