March 4, 2024

WhatsApp Business has advantages for those who are MEI; Meets!

WhatsApp is one of the main platforms that Brazilians use today as a means of communication. In this way, there are millions of users exchanging text messages, voice messages, making calls, sending photos, videos, and more, every single day.

In this sense, it is also becoming popular for small individual entrepreneurs (MEIs) to use the app as a means of contacting their clients. But did you know that a new version of WhatsApp can have advantages for those who are MEI, compared to the original version? See more below.

WhatsApp Business has advantages for those who are MEI;  Meets!
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What is WhatsApp Business?

First of all, it is important to comment on what WhatsApp Business is. Thus, it is a version launched by Meta, the company responsible for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and is aimed at companies and small entrepreneurs.

It contains new features not present in the original version that can allow for easier communication with customers. This happens because tools can improve interaction with consumers.

For example, it is possible to schedule the sending of automatic messages, specifying the working hours for this account, among other tools, in addition to those already present in the traditional version of the application.

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Advantages for those who are MEI

One of the first advantages of WhatsApp Business for MEI is that you can create a professional profile. Meaning, you can have an account that is exclusively for your business, which is separate from your personal account.

Thus, in this professional account it will be possible to put the company’s contact email, opening hours, website, if any, physical address and many other details that may be important to potential clients.

And with this, information is collected in one place, which makes life easier for the customer.

In addition, there is an option available in this version which is the default display. Soon, account holders will be able to create a kind of virtual catalog, which is a very useful function for those who work in sales.

It is possible to put pictures, prices and details of products in the description.

Another benefit is also the fact that the account can launch an analysis of statistical data related to the company’s performance. Thus, the account holder can get a better idea of ​​how he is doing his business.

It should be noted that the data that is taken into account are messages that have been delivered, sent, and others. For this reason, MEI can create a plan that can be beneficial to your business development.

custom labels

Another aspect that can come in handy is creating custom labels. Through them, it is possible to divide customers into categories.

By doing this, even before opening the message, the account owner may already know which category the customer belongs to. This can facilitate the development of a communication approach that makes a difference when it comes to customer service.

Finally, another resource is the quick message, which can actually be programmed and can help the customer with specific questions they may have.

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