April 13, 2024
WhatsApp with a new face?  See changes to the messaging interface

WhatsApp with a new face? See changes to the messaging interface

WhatsApp Beta users have been doing a lot of work lately with the news that is frequently released by the messenger. It is because WhatsApp frequently uses the platform to test new updates. This time, the novelty includes the interface of the app.

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It should be noted that the messaging app uses WhatsApp Beta to run tests before making the news available to all users.


In this version, when a supplementary mobile device is linked to the main account, users are presented with a new interface. For now, this news is only available for WhatsApp Beta users, being compatible with version of android.

More updates

Another novelty that was made available a little while ago was the Companion Mode. The tool allows you to link a file Waved or another mobile device with the main messaging account.

And now, an interface design update adds to that made connection with the Companion Mode.

That’s why, with updates, that alert about loading conversations that pops up whenever there’s an app link changes.

Now, with the new interface, the user can know exactly when this process will complete. Thus, the new form now has a design similar to what happens while loading a WhatsApp web page.

It should be noted that, to date, the new interface as well as the “companion mode” are only available in the beta version of WhatsApp. Therefore, there are no launch expectations for other messenger users.