September 30, 2023

Who is the next Celtics head coach?

One name is not already running in the Boston Celtics training quest, but two more have emerged as early contenders.

The name of Celtics assistant coach and former NBA guard Evan Turner was thrown on social media as an opportunity for a leadership training vacancy, but he called for speculation “Absolutely wrong.”

Meanwhile, Jason Kid and Lloyd Pierce are expected to be candidates for the job, According to Yahoo Sports.

As the Celtics star tweeted in response to Turner, Jason Todd would have been clear as Turner’s head coach. “Was optimistic” The rumors are true.

The Celtics announced Wednesday that Brad Stevens Moving from head coach to head of basketball operations, Replacing retired Danny Inge. The shake came just 24 hours after Boston were knocked out by the Nets in the first round of the five-game series.

Turner, who has played for the Celtics since 2014-16, retired from the NBA in November and joined Stevens’ staff prior to this season.

Celtics coaching candidates Jason Todd and Evan Turner
Jason Todd, Evan Turner
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Celtics assistant Jay Lorenka and Spurs assistant coach Becky Hamman The first female acting head coach in league history At the start of this season, there may be options.

Kid, a former Nets’ best and basketball Hall of Fame player, joined Brooklyn in training in 2013, going 44-38 that season.

Then More executive powers are denied with the Nets, He left to coach Bucks and Giannis Antedogounbo, but was dropped halfway through his fourth season.

Although Kid is seen as a popular leadership coach, he joined as a Lakers assistant and won an NBA title with Los Angeles in 2020.

Pierce, the Celtics’ second-in-command, was sacked by the Hawks in March after going 14-20 in his first 34 games this season.

The Hawks returned under new coach Nate Macmillan to finish the season 41-31 and advance to the first round playoffs with the Knicks.

Celtics coaching candidates Jason Kid, Lloyd Pierce
Jason Kid (L.) and Lloyd Pierce (R.) are expected to be candidates for the Celtics’ coaching job.

Pierce is well-liked among players and coaches around the league and has a reputation as a development coach, although it is unclear whether Boston will go with the same type of coach since 2008, when he created the postseason each year.

Other names thrown in the training mix include former NBA players Sunsey Phillips and Sam Cassell.

Phillips, who currently serves as the assistant coach of the Clippers, was produced by Boston with a third overall pick until 1997, then traded in the middle of his rookie season.

Cassell played for the Celtics from 2007-2008 before retiring as coach. He joined Sixers head coach Doug Rivers as an assistant in 2020 with staff.