March 30, 2023
With important changes, Bolsonaro has imposed sanctions on the PL who changes the rules of the Mandate Law

With important changes, Bolsonaro has imposed sanctions on the PL who changes the rules of the Mandate Law

President Jair Bolsonaro Bill No. 2.336/21, which amends Law No. 9.615/98, and amends the rules relating to the arena’s right to sporting events, has been approved. The project announced by the Senator Romario (PL/RJ), approved in the Senate on August 24, with 60 votes in favor and none against. According to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the law will be published on Monday (20).

The changes relate to Pele’s law, which provided for the division of image rights between the home team and the visiting team. With the change, the TV or radio station interested in broadcasting the match will need to negotiate with only one team, in this case, the one playing at home, not with both. This means that the main team will have the exclusive privilege to negotiate the capture, installation, broadcast, transmission, retransmission or reproduction of game images, whatever the medium may be. This way, the club itself will be able to broadcast the event.

If there is no definition of match control, the broadcast rights will depend on the agreement between the two teams in the match. However, the new rules do not apply to broadcasting rights contracts entered into prior to the effective date of the legislative change.

Referees and coaches are excluded

With the amendment of the law, the values ​​obtained with the right of the arena will remain with the athletes, with the exception of field referees and coaches. Players, including reservations, will retain 5% of revenue from broadcasting rights Leave, unless otherwise specified in the collective bargaining agreement. In the initial version of the bill, the amount will also be shared with coaches and referees, but the decision scrapped the addition of the two categories.

Bolsonaro also decided to veto the clause that states that broadcasting franchises will be prohibited from sponsoring or displaying their branding in sports entity competition uniforms and in other communications on stadium facilities.