April 13, 2024

Zé do Caixão will receive a remake in the US and Mexico

Credit: Reproduction / Facebook

Master of Terror Zé do Caixão returns to the international screen (thanks: Reproduction / Facebook)

The famous Zé do Caixão, created by filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins, who died in 2020, will soon hit the international screens.

The producer confirms this One Eye Films, Holder of the rights of an internationally known character Coffin Joe, To the website Daily screen. Contracts have already been signed, but there is no forecast for the release of the remakes yet.

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The American version is directed by Daniel Nola and Josh C. Waller and produced by producer Spectrevision, which was founded by actor Elijah Wood, and is called “The Lord of the Rings” by Frodo of the Franchise.

“Zé do Caixão is an iconic and immortal Pokemon, rediscovered for our contemporary culture. We look forward to creating a new feature that captures the dark art of Marin’s unique work for our modern world,” Nola said.

In the Mexican version, under development, the script was signed by Lex Ortega and Adrian Garcia Pogliano. The most famous films of the character are: “I will take your soul at midnight” (1964), “Tonight I will incarnate in your corpse” (1967) and “Incarnation of the Devil” (2008).

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