March 23, 2023
After US trip to warn of attacks on democracy in Brazil, civil society representatives say 'mission accomplished' |  Andrea Sadie's blog

After US trip to warn of attacks on democracy in Brazil, civil society representatives say ‘mission accomplished’ | Andrea Sadie’s blog

The organizations said they met with US politicians, members of the US State Department, ambassadors to the Organization of American States (OAS) and members of the US House of Representatives’ Foreign Relations Committee.

In these conversations, the Brazilian delegation made baseless attacks on the Americans, No evidence And already denied by the President Jair Bolsonaro For the electoral system, especially electronic voting machines.

They asked their spokesmen in the United States to recognize the credibility of the Brazilian electoral system and the results of the elections, regardless of the winner, leaving no room for groundless objections.

The Brazilian delegation asked the United States to recognize the election result

The trip took place between the 24th and 29th, a week after Bolsonaro Foreign diplomats in Brasilia gathered To tarnish the Brazilian electoral system again without evidence.

In the following days, the American embassies Since UK In Brasilia, the vote and the election in Brazil issued confidence-building notes, which were seen as a defeat for Bolsonaro.

According to the delegation that traveled to the United States, the reaction of the Americans was along the lines adopted by the embassies: the legal recognition of the organization in Brazil.

“U.S. interlocutors are particularly sensitive to this issue, given the recent memory of attacks on democracy, when former President Donald Trump questioned the US electoral system and acted to thwart the diplomacy of the current president, the winner, Joe Biden,” the delegation said in a statement.

Among the endorsements received, the organizations singled out Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin.

“At all times, we found ourselves listening attentively and with concern. In many moments, like the statements of Senator Bernie Sanders and Deputy Jamie Raskin, we received public expressions of support for Brazilian democracy. In Brazil.”

Some of the organizations that have formed entourages include human rights, the black movement, and feminist organizations concerned with the environment, Greenpeace, and the Mariel Franco Institute.