June 23, 2024

America washes in more white

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America washes in more white

The report on money laundering in the United States concludes that more than $ 2.3 billion has been embezzled through US real estate over the past five years, and that commercial real estate has been involved in many of these transactions. The study, “Acres of Money Fraud: Why American Real Estate Is a Kleptocrat Dream,” was conducted by the Global Financial Integrity (GFI).

The company highlighted some of the results:

– 60% of cases in the United States involve property in one or more districts that violates the regulatory apparatus;

– More than 50% of cases involve politically explicit persons;

The United States is the only G7 country where lawyers, real estate agents and investment advisers fully facilitate money laundering schemes through the real estate market, but do not impose AML (anti-money laundering, anti-money laundering) requirements on professionals;

– More than 30% of commercial real estate accounts, but the United States has not yet developed reporting obligations for industrial risks;

– The use of anonymous shell companies and complex corporate structures is at the forefront of money laundering activities; 82% of cases in the United States involve using a law firm to cover up a claim.

– In addition to real estate, money laundering also took place through alternative assets such as art, jewelry and boats.

The first is mine

Flamengo deserved a fair trophy, which, except for the agreement between the clubs of the first division of Brazil, returned to play with the spectators at the stadiums when all the cities concerned recognized it. The second division clubs followed the example of sportsmanship.


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